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You must hear about this phrase “Old is Gold” and it fits in games too. Yes, we are talking about Ludo King for PC, which is a classic game and never gets outdated. It is always timeless, no matter what the age is. Let’s go back to the 16 century; there was a game named Pachisi. It was used aboard as well as blocks that were played by two people. But later these sectors divided into 4 parts so that 4 people can play. Since the world has become digital thus this game is also become digital. This game is now available for PC so that you can enjoy it on a bigger screen. The theme is the same. You can play with your friends online and offline with robots around the world.

When it comes to the LUDO King, it is a digital version of the game LUDO played with 4 people simultaneously. Like the physical dice, you have to throw the dice to roll it so you can move the token according to the digit you got. You have to play with four people, and you can choose them also from the world. The best thing is that this game can be played in single or multiple dice. You have to choose one option. It can be played offline where your opponent will be your PC.

Download and Install Ludo King for PC

This ludo game download for pc is developed for PCs in 2016 and was firstly introduced for Android OS. Within a short period of time, it became the world’s most played game. It crosses over 100 million downloads from Google Play for Android. Like the same theme, it is straightforward to play. It uses all the strategies that are followed in the real gaming experience. By using your skills, you can challenge your friends and make the best strategies to win.

Download Ludo King for PC

While for the PC platform, LUDO King has allowed a chat feature where you can chat with your opponents online. You can get full enjoyment by chatting with your friends. There is also a classic board game that has a snake a ladder. It would be fun to play with snakes and ladders with digits.

Download Ludo King for PC

Ludo King for PC is an outstanding game that gives you quality time to spend with your friends. No worry to gather in one home to play this game. You can play it from anywhere. However, there might be some confusion about the game that you needed to be clear about. Here are some steps that you need to follow to download the Ludo King Game on your PC.


  1. Click the given link for downloading.
  2. When it is completed, open the app’s .exe file and start installing.
  3. After that, wait for a few seconds, that’s all.

Application Details

Package NameLudo King for PC
VersionLudo King 1.2.3 LATEST
File Size28.13 MB
OS RequirementWindows 7, 8, 10

Alternative Method Download for PC 

When it comes to the alternative method, you have to follow these steps for Windows & MAC OS:

  • First of all, you need to run by downloading the Bluestack.
  • When it’s done, open the downloading .exe file of LUDO King in this emulator.
  • Run it, and it’s ready to play.

Features of Ludo King PC

Here are some attractive features that you need to know.

1. Simple and Clean Interface

First of all, this app lets you get a simple and easy-to-use interface. There are nothing complex rules you need to follow. All the rules are like the board Ludo game. AT the beginning of the Ludo game download for pc, you have to roll the dice and move your tokens. When your all tokes are unlocked, then you can make strategies and run them to reach your home. The players whose tokens reach the home first will be the winner of the game.

Furthermore, you can play the snakes and ladder mode as well. Both of the games will give you automatic and simple gameplay. all you need to roll the dice and move as fast as you can by implementing your strategies.

2. Multiple Modes

Unlike the broad game, the LUDO King for PC lets you play with the four players around the globe. Using the FB integration, you can play the game with your favorite friends. Even you can invite your FB friends. Either you can choose the two-player mode or 4 player mode.

There is another mode which is an offline mode that helps the players to play the game more conveniently. It is suggested for those who don’t have a reliable internet connection. Then you can play with the computer that will not cheat you.

Lastly, the fourth model is the Local Multi-player mode that will help you to play against either 2 or 4 friends.

3. Engaged Features

There are lots of attractive features such as sounds that make it more engaging. Now you can add up to 6 players and complete the challenges across the globe.  You will get the opportunity to earn coins when you won which will help you to level up your rank. You can make new friends and chat with people. There are lots of models. Furthermore, you can send emojis and sign in with a social account. Last but not least, there are lots of themes available.

System Requirements

Here are some system requirements that you need to follow before downloading this game to your computer:

  • You should have Windows OS with 32 or 64 bit
  • It also supports OS, but you have to use an emulator to run
  • A stable internet connection

Rules for Ludo King for PC

  • In the ludo king game download for pc, You will be given four tokens at the base, and you can be move when got six by rolling the dice.
  • When your token is unlocked, you have to touch which token you want to move. It will proceed with the same number of steps that you got after the dice rolling.
  • You can move your token if you get 2 times six. But if you get three times six, then you will be missed your rolling dice.
  • If a player got the numbers at the same grind as one of your tokens, then the player is able to kick your token back to the base. If the opponent does, they will be awarded one more roll.
  • For all tokens, all the colored, as well as star grids, are safe in ludo for pc.
  • The player who moves all 4 tokens in-home would be the winner.

Above all, these are the simple rules that you need to know before playing this game on your PC. Since it has a simple, user-friendly interface so you can easily enjoy it. Other than that, it lets you get good graphics quality that looks pleasant while playing.


Ludo King for PC

ludo game download for pc

Download and Install Ludo King for PC

Download Ludo King PC


How Many Friends Can You Get In Ludo King?

You can play a maximum of 4 friends at a time by playing Ludo King. You can play with friends no matter where they are in the world. Whoever will go with 4 tokens in the house will be the winner of the game.

What Are The Core Features Of The Ludo King?

Here are:

ECO mode: Unlike android OS, this game on PC lets you get amazing sounds, so you feel a realistic experience. It lets you smoothly play the game with the minimum resources in each instance.

Real-Time Translation: This app will translate into multiple languages so you can play easily.

High FPS: Experience the game on a bigger screen will be an incredible experience that you will enjoy.

Other than that, there are many features that engage you in the game and lets you get fund for hours.

How Many Modes Are Available?

There are four modes available that include:

  • You can play the game with the computer offline.
  • It lets you play the game with your friends; it’s multi-player mode.
  • You can play it over the internet.
  • You can also play with private lobbies.

Is It Free To Download?

The Ludo King for PC is freely available on this page, so you can download it with no time and play with full excitement.

The Bottom Line

All in all, LUDO KING for PC is a record-breaking game in the history of digital games. It comes with remarkable features that help you get the top ranking. There are multiple modes that will never let you get bored. On the bigger screen with amazing features, this app ensures full control, so you can make strategies that will help you to win the game to be a winner. Not only that, it allows integration with FB so you can invite friends to play with you. Accept the challenges and play in a full mood. However, we have mentioned both processes that are required for Windows and MAC users to download it for free.

We assured you it would be great fun to play this game. Besides that, if you have any questions, then you can comment below. Thank you for visiting us!